The allocution by the President of the Union of the Medical Community "National Medical Chamber" to the Medical Community

People tend think hard things of us, unfortunately. Medical errors are indeed an extremely pressing issue. The large share of responsibility lies with the government, of course, which has forced us to live and work in these specific conditions. However, we are also responsible for what is going on. Our responsibility has nothing to do with material and technical state of the healthcare system. It deals with morality.

Leonid Roshal

Leonid Roshal

The National Medical Chamber (NMC) declares its readiness to assume the responsibility for each of its members. However, every NMC member, in turn, must abide by the standards of healthcare and ethical norms approved and verified by professional medical associations. This is shared responsibility of healthcare professionals to the medical community, and of the community to healthcare professionals (HCPs). The medical community itself strives to have good HCPs in its midst, who are reliable professionals with impeccable reputation.

Multiple parties should be interested in having the NMC in Russia: patients, who have the right to receive high quality medical care; executive authorities who need an additional tool for impacting on quality of medical services, and on training and retraining of HCPs; and HCPs themselves, who need to have their interests defended since, unlike developed countries, Russia has no system in place to protect HCPs.

Guidelines, recommendations, protocols, and standards, created by professional medical associations will become binding for all. The NMC will assume the control over the compliance (credentialing, certification, and licensing). The NMC aims to move away from the archaic, inefficient and expensive postgraduate education, and is ready to implement a range of initiatives in this area.

We have embarked on a long and intricate path. We have a lot of organizational work ahead. With or without us, sooner or later, the need for self-regulation of professional medical care must be satisfied.

And it is so much better to have it satisfied within our lifetime.

Sincerely yours,

Leonid Roshal

President of the Union of the Medical Community"National Medical Chamber"

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V Congress of the National Medical Chamber. The Opening

The Winner Congress

The city of Smolensk hosted the 5thCongress of the National Medical Chamber. The Congress was prepared by the Medical Chamber of the Smolensk region under the auspices regional governor of Alexei Ostrovsky. The Congress discussed the results of the NMC s activities, and set out new tasks to be tackled by the NMC in the near future.

Today, the NMC is the most powerful association of healthcare professionals in Russia. And I would refer to this Congress as the Congress of Winners. HCPs from 80 Russian territorial entities and from 73 medical establishments all over the country voted for joining the NMC. It took us over 5 years to achieve this goal. Our path was not paved with rose petals; there were opposers to this powerful medical association. Tamed" associations were set up to destroy us,but they all failed. We won because we are not engaging in cheap politics; our party only comprises HCPs and patients. We do real things, and vigorously move towards uniting the entire medical community. They ve tried to instigate the All-Russia People s Front against us, which was clearly seen at the last forum, but they failed—almost three-quarters of the Russian President's instructions were based on our proposals, — said Dr. Roshal. 



The Jewish Autonomous Region establishes NGO "Medical Chamber"

The founding conference to be held on August 17 will establish a professional non-profit organization Medical Chamber. Local HCPs will create a professional public organization of their own.


Roshal met with the medical communities of Omsk and Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk and Omsk welcome Leonid Roshal, Executive Staff Member of the All-Russia People s Front (ARPF), Director of the Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology, President of the Non-Commercial Partnership NMC. The renowned children's surgeon discussed most pressing challenges of the Russian healthcare industry with the medical community, talked to patients about difficulties with obtaining high quality medical aid and conducted a Q&A session.


"I would nurture and cherish the existing emergency service", Leonid Roshal

Underfunding is the major problem. I feel like the financial lobbying is against the healthcare. Healthcare is not amongst the state s main priorities, and the state keeps on cutting the funding. We had the meager 3.7% of GDP, which is now 3.4%. Moreover, our citizens tend to ignore their health. Today we face the lack of people s responsibility for their own health, which results in huge financial losses for both these people and the state. We do treat an alcoholic, who has broken his head, don t we? Why don t we them call them to responsibility?


Roshal: Novosibirsk should not haste to improve its healthcare system

The Novosibirsk region should not be in haste to improve its healthcare system, says Leonid Roshal, President of the NMC, Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology. You should first set up professional standards for HCPs and improve their qualifications, —he said to journalists in Novosibirsk.